Claiming Rewards

  • Currently, the OINDAO will generate 5 OIN for rewards per block, totaling roughly 28,000 OIN per day. The amount of rewards that is generated is subject to change, at first through internal decisions (such as the initial amount set), or through voting and other methods later on. The total mining rewards are vested for 5 years.

  • You can claim your staking rewards at anytime. Due to the current gas fee of Etheream network, it’s highly recommended to claim your rewards in a lump sum on an as-needed basis.

Steps to Claim Your Rewards

  • Open the OINDAO website and click the mining rewards module, labelled “Mining”.

  • The amount of rewards available will be shown.

  • Click “Claim Rewards” to claim your rewards!

  • Check your wallet to ensure that you have received your rewards.