OIN Staking Rewards


Users are able to mint USDO - OINDAO's native stablecoin through staking OIN via OINstake. OINstake is a product that was developed in OINDAO v1 for the sole purpose of generating liquidity mining rewards, and it is separate to OINDAO v3's product roadmap.
While the Development Team is not ruling out the possibility that USDO may be used to facilitate community-related activities, there will be no meaningful application of USDO, and the Team will not be promoting the stablecoin at this time.
More information on OINstake and OINDAO v1 can be found here.
The OINstake APY ranges between 30% - 100%, dependent on the amount of rewards and the total number of staked OIN. Users can stake their OIN via this link.

OIN token liquidity mining schedule

19th December 2020 - present

2 million tokens have been allocated for liquidity mining each fiscal year, distributed per block.
1.5 million tokens have been distributed thus far.

18th September 2020 - 18th December 2020

2.9 million tokens have been distributed.
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