• Staking reward:

  • Liquidity Mining reward:

Other supported asset:

Staking reward for minting project stablecoin

You can enjoy staking mining rewards for stake project's token. The total reward and duration of the staking mining program vary from each project tool. For example, OIN now has about 55% APY and FRONT now has about 250% APY.

Unlock liquidity of your position

HODLing for your favorite token but don't want to just sit on the position? With project stablecoins, you will be able to swap them with other mainstream stables such USDT, USDC, and DAI, which is an extra amount of money for you to add leverage to your favorite token, manage volatility risk, and partake in other investing / activities throughout the crypto and DeFi space .

Liquidity mining reward for providing liquidity for project stablecoin-USDC pool

Earn staking reward by minting the project stablecoin and each even more reward by pool your minted stablecoin and USDC to earn liquidity mining reward.